Panofsky’s Analysis Summary.

I have decided to translate into English my Panofsky’s analysis summary because it is my most read post. In it I explain in a easy and short way how to analyze an image, following the Erwin Panofsky method:

PREICONOGRAPHIC. 1º To describe all the elements.
ICONOGRAPHIC. 2º To tell why each character and object is what it is. For example that an skeleton with a scythe means the death.
3º To explain the story that the work tells.
ICONOLOGICAL. 4º To find the idea. To find the idea you have to look for:
when the image was done, and how was that period;
the personality of the person who did the image and the personality of the person who order it;
where the idea comes from, and if it is frequent and its evolution;
the function of the image;
where the image was;
if the image belonged to a group or not;
how it is represented and if it used the same idea in the same genre and in other;
contradictions in the elements of the work.

I hope you find it useful.