A Love Deal

A continuación os dejo un cuento que escribí el año pasado. Está inspirado en la pintura de Edward Hopper “Nighthawks”, de 1942.

A love deal.


Edward Hopper. Nighthawks, 1942.

This is a story about despair. This is a story about desperation. This is a story about love. This is a story about two lovers who can’t be together: they are not free. The picture shows the very last moment of their impossible love: the moment when they have agreed that they should forgive each other; otherwise they would hurt their own partners. This is the most painful deal: a love deal; a deal in which they have promised they would come back with their partners, avoiding breaking two families; a deal in which they have given up for paradise. But, if we want to understand the story, we have to know its origins.

It is a hot and wet summer sunset. Two people, who are fed up about their own lives, accidentally meet in a lonely but beautiful park, trying to find out how to solve their lives. She is a woman whose husband doesn’t understand why her perfect and well paid job is better than his. He is a man who can’t stand his job as a broker anymore. They can’t find the answer but they find a bigger problem: a first-sight love. They are married and they have family, so they shouldn’t trust their instincts but it is impossible.

As soon as they meet, they begin to have night stands; furtive meetings in the very last moment of the day, just before going back home. This new and furtive love is not only a new problem: this love is the way they could be happy.

How can someone ignore such a big love? Although they are in love, they don’t want to hurt their family. After some meetings, they decide that the best way to handle the situation they have caused is to avoid meeting. So, now we are looking the image again: a man and a woman sat in a coffee trying to ignore their real feelings and continuing their lives.

Carmen Gila Malo

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